Sunday, September 2, 2007

Yesterday - Double Workout

Yesterday was a double workout. I ran 20 miles on the Akron Road Runner Marathon course with the Vertical Runner training group. And I did two dance performances at he Cleveland Octoberfest in the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds, Berea. There were at least 45 runners. We met at 6:30am in front of the Akron Aeros baseball stadium, the starting line for the marathon. I only knew maybe 6 of the runners there. Bill Bailey, Greg Dykes, Jamie Carr, Joe Salwan, Mike Keller and Don Holtzapple. This was my first long run since BR100, four weeks ago. I have done a couple of 50+ minute runs at slower pace. Yesterday we, (Greg, Jamie and I) ran a little better than 8:30 per mile. I took a couple of potty breaks and had to run catch up, which great interval training. Unintentional intervals, but it forced me to push harder than I wanted. I did struggle for the last mile and a half. Thanks Jamie and Greg for pulling me along. Our dance group, The Sokol Greater Cleveland Czech Folk Dancers performed at 2:30pm and again at 4:30 before a sparse gathering of Octoberfest revelers. We do six different dances for each performance. It was fun and we danced fairly well. We do mainly polkas and waltz style dances, that are self choreographed with authentic Czech folk music. My partners were Julie, Angela and Barb. At the end of the final dance, I throw my wife Judy up on my shoulder. She waves a small USA and Czech flag as the other dancers move in two circles around us.