Saturday, May 3, 2008


This is real difficult. We are packing this week for the trip to Czech Republic. We is not the correct word to use - (Judy's not getting much help from me or the 3-yr old). I am still not running the marathon. I have almost no use of my right hand. No physical pain. Just some discomfort with the current splint, and discomfort when I do the two physical therapy exercises I go through EVERY hour. I am avoiding the pain meds as much as possible. Only taking 1/2 dose in the evenings the past couple of days. Here are two photos. CAUTION - the second one is a close up of the surgeons art work.


Tom Bieniosek said...

What did you do (or not do) to
sever that tendon?

Mike said...

Tom, it was an accident. Crushed under something heavy. No broken bones. Just tendon damage.